Welfare Org (WO23)

Objectives of the 
 Living Word Welfare Organisation   (WO23)
Registered at the 4th of July, 2002

Art. 1 Name: 

<         The  organisation will be called: Living Word Welfare Organisation.

<         It will be the umbrella organisation, situated in Grootfontein,
            at  PO Box 602, Grootfontein.
Art. 2   Area of operation:

<         The area of operation will be the whole of Namibia.
Art. 3 Aims, objectives and activities
            The improvement of the living standards of families by means of:

<         Empowering the families through self-help projects etc.
<         To be actively involved in preventative work against HIV/AIDS and other issues through the conveying of the correct information.
<         Capacity building of the families through skills training.
<         To develop and uplift the families through certain projects.
<         The establishing of training centres and institutes of learning.
<         To lobby on behalf of the poor.
<         Co-operation with the State and local authorities, as well as with registered welfare organisations.
<       To distribute  food  for the poor and needy by importing food from outside Namibia and by buying locally as well.
<         The raising of funds at any part of the world and the utilising thereof.
<         Any other activities that will advance the aims and objectives envisaged.

<         To purchase, mortgage and sell property etc.
<         To import and receive from any part of the world food, building material, vehicles, tents and any other means that will be necessary to fulfill our goal as stated under art.3.
<       To perform such activities and carry out such duties as may be in the interest of welfare work.
<         To decide over the forming of branches in other areas of Namibia.

<         To appoint or dismiss persons as may be deemed necessary
<         The management will consider amendments to the constitution.