Friday, February 25, 2011

About Boet

Back ground of Pastor Boet Prinsloo.
·    He started out in the ministry in 1975
·    Pastoring churches in the following towns in Namibia and South Africa: Tsumeb, Swakopmund, Uis, Karasburg, Mafikeng, White River and Vanderbijl Park. Ministering in Grootfontein in the North of Namibia for the past 20 years.
·   He has been married to his wife Magda for 33 years and they have one child, named Behati and she lives in New York.
·   He was the President of the AFM Church of Namibia for a few years.
·   He held the position of National coordinator of mission work for a few years
·   He served for some time as the National Manager of the AFM AIDS ACTION where he oversaw the HIV prevention program of the AFM Church.
He resigned all the above positions in order to spend more time fulfilling his vision as outlined in this website.
His greatest strength in the ministry is the support of his wife who leads the worship, his team of full time helpers and the people who believe in his vision and have been supporting him for many years through their prayers and contributions!!   

Present positions and ministry
  • Senior pastor of the AFM Congregation since November 1991, called Living Word Family Church
  • Founder of the Multi Racial congregation in town 6 years ago.
  • Also pastoring the Afrikaans congregation amongst the commercial farms.
  • Chair person of the Living Word Welfare Organization (WO23)
  • Founder and Trustee of the Living Word Welfare Trust (T192/09)
  • Custodian of many San (Bushmen) congregations in Bushman Land.