Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Congregational Program

Only main activities are mentioned in this space:

Annual program:

Fasting and praying
At the beginning of every year we have a 3 week time of fasting and prayer.  No one is forced to fast, but members are encourage to participate in this time of fasting and praying. Participants can fast for one meal, a day/week or eat all their meals but cut out heavy food like meat. Some prefer to go on a full fast for a part of the three weeks or the whole three weeks. The purpose of this time of fasting and praying is to seek God for His guidance, also to be pure and usable in His hands!

Passover celebrations
  • Every year. We take into account school holidays and public holidays before we decide on a date.

Bible Courses presented in the congregation
Part of our vision, in obedience to the Great Commission, is to teach people Biblical principles.  At the moment we have the following courses:
  • Beginners course: The Foundations of Hebrews 6
  • The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and Jesus in the Bible
  • The Spirit world: Angels and demons
  • Emotional healing:
  • Heaven, Hell and the 2nd coming of Christ
Weekly program
  • Every Sunday at 09:00 we have our main service in English
  • During  the service the 6-12 years come together for childrens church. This also helps to free up some space in the church.
  • Communion every 2nd Sunday of the month 
  • Every first Sunday of the month AFRIKAANS service after the English service at 10:30. Communion is also served.
  • Every third Sunday AFRIKAANS service for the Maroelaboom and Veldduin community, either at Maroelaboom or Veldduin
  • Prayer meeting every Tuesday at 6pm
  • Bible Study Wednesday evening at 6pm IN CHURCH and 4PM at the GIRLS HOSTEL (GSS)
  • Leadership meetings on Wednesday mornings
  • Youth meeting every Saturday at 2:00pm

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